Give Mom a Dazzling Mother’s Day: 5 DIY Rhinestone Gifts

It’s been a long year for everybody, but moms seemed to be feeling it in a different way. From helping manage online school to dealing with the cat hanging up on your Zoom calls, mom has been there.

If you want to give a mom (or grandma, or fur-baby mom) in your life something that will show your love with a little more pizazz, check out some of these cool DIY gift ideas. Rhinestone projects are unique and add some sparkle to any room.

Spring flower picture frame

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a beautifully framed picture warms any mom’s heart. For this project, we’re going to take an ordinary picture frame and add spring flowers in the form of charming rhinestones.

Think about choosing a picture of a memorable day, a selfie of you and mom, grandkids or sibling shots, or her beloved four-legged friend

After you choose your favorite picture, you’ll need to get an appropriately sized frame. A matte is optional, but choose a frame that has some flat surfaces to work with, preferably about an inch wide.

Keep the original frame color if you prefer, or paint or cover with fabric. From there we can get out the rhinestone supplies and add some flower power!

Flat-backed, pear-shaped rhinestones are the name of the game. You want to arrange 5-6 rhinestones in a circle, with the points inward, much like that of a daisy. You can add a small round rhinestone for the flower center.

There are two approached to application. One is to apply directly to the frame. The second option is to apply to stiff felt. Trim away the excess and then apply to the frame.

You can use this felt technique to make a variety of shapes, and even letters. You can take this concept and turn it into an homage to Mom’s favorite things!

Jazz up those Mother’s Day flowers

Flowers are the ubiquitous mother’s day gift, maybe served with a side of pancakes (made by someone else). But flowers, while gorgeous, aren’t always meant to last, which is why we love, love, love potted plants.

Giving the gift of a living plant means you can also take some joy in creating the perfect vessel. In this case, we’re going to use colorful fabric to cover a terracotta pot, and then we’ll add some depth with rhinestones.

Get a rough measurement of how much fabric you need by loosely wrapping the fabric around the pot. It should have enough height to drape over the inside edge.

Use Mod-Podge to adhere the fabric to the pot, smoothing as you go. If you have a stiff piece of cardboard, you can use that to smooth the surface. Don’t worry if the Mod-Podge seeps through the fabric. 

Cut away any excess fabric, and paint over the top of the fabric with another layer of Mod-Podge (it will dry clear).

Let the fabric pattern be your guide to how you lay out your rhinestones. Follow pattern lines or accent focal points in the fabric. Contrasting colors will make patterns pop, while similar colors add subtle sparkle.

Bedazzle Mom’s wine time—Uh, I mean book group

It’s a bit of a stereotype that where there’s a group of moms, there’s probably a bottle of wine somewhere nearby. While not all moms are wine lovers, those that will love this gift of bling wine glasses.

You shouldn’t have a hard time finding inexpensive wine glasses, and you can bedazzle one glass or bedazzle a whole set.

The smaller rhinestones you can use, the easier this project will be. Because wine glasses have natural curves, the smaller surface area on the rhinestone will be a better fit.

If you’re planning on making a set, use a different color rhinestone palette for each wine glass. Choose any pattern you like, such as horizontal stripes, polka dots, or a covered stem and base. Try to avoid placing rhinestones anywhere above the widest point of the glass.

Add some sparkle to spa day

Mom or not, we all could use a little pampering and self care. This gift of homemade bath salts in a glittering container will make DIY spa day that much more fun.

With a few simple ingredients, you can make your own bath salts by following this fantastic tutorial from The Spruce.

If you’re not feeling quite like stepping outside of your rhinestone craft zone, you can always purchase bath salts.

For storage, we like those large, flip-top canning jars because they can hold a scoop measuring cup and keep a good seal. From there, you can add some bling to the jar. Try your hand at different designs, and choose Mom’s favorite colors.

Want a departure from the gift of flowers? Try a bling herb planter

Can you tell we love plants? Maybe it’s just spring in the air…

If your mom loves plants of the edible variety, why not give her a fresh herb box? Check your craft store for wooden crates, similar to orange crates. You’ll also want to go to your nearby nursery to pick up a few of her favorite herbs. Favorites include:

  • Basil
  • Dill
  • Parsley

Once you have your crate and your plants, you can get to work blinging out your herb box. Among our favorite design choices are:

  • Rhinestone monogram – Personalize this with Mom’s initials in her favorite colors.
  • Rainbow stripes – Stripes are simple and clean, and a rainbow adds a world of color. Pro tip: use painter’s tape
  • Flowers – Remember those flowers from our picture frame project? Use the same technique to add even more botanical bounty!

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From all of us at the Rhinestone Shop, happy Mother’s Day, and happy crafting!

Winter Holiday Rhinestone Decorating

If you’re like our team at The Rhinestone Shop, you’re probably spending a lot of time at home. And let’s face it, home can start to look and feel a little dreary after a long year.

We have a solution for the winter blues! Use dazzling rhinestones to decorate your home for the holidays. Dig through your stash and find your favorite rhinestones to end this year on a cheerier, sparkly note.

What are you waiting for? Let’s dig in!

Twinkling icicles

Even if you live somewhere where snow and ice is just something you see on the internet, you can still have beautiful icicles to hang as light catchers or as tree ornaments.

Gather together the following:

  • Flat-backed, sew-on rhinestones
  • Floral or jewelry wire
  • Pliers and wire snips
  • Ornament hooks

There are different kinds of sew-on rhinestones, and ones with holes at the outer edges are preferred over the front-to-back style. You can use any number of rhinestones per icicle, and the color scheme is up to you!

Essentially, you’re going to create a chain of rhinestones held together with small rings of wire. Use your pliers to create the ring, then snip away the excess. The top end will have an ornament hook.

Teardrop rhinestones are fabulous for this project!

Glittering menorah

The menorah is the quintessential Hanukkah piece, and making your own is a way to get the family involved in this beautiful tradition. The concept is simple and easy to customize: use blue rhinestones to adorn tea candle holders and construct simple bases for the tea candles.

A base that we like involves taking identical small boxes and wrapping them with wrapping paper and ribbon. As a bonus activity, you can include a small gift in each box.

Winter tree table decoration

Make a simple table decoration that resembles a snowy walk in the woods. You’ll need:

  • Several bare branches
  • Small rhinestones (can also be sew-on)
  • Vase or other small vessel for holding branches
  • White spray paint
  • Thread (optional)

First, spray paint the branches white. This is definitely a better task outside! Then decide how you want to arrange your rhinestones. If the branches are large enough, you can glue rhinestones to the tips of the branches.

Alternatively, you can tie thread to the tip of a sew-on rhinestone and tie the other end of the thread to the branch to create an ornament.

Pro tip: glue two sew-on rhinestones back-to-back and create a more three-dimensional ornament.

When your rhinestones are in place, arrange them in a vase, Mason jar, or other vessel. Even rustic spools of twine or burlap ribbon can be used to hold the branches.

DIY stockings

No, you don’t have to spend all year knitting Christmas stockings. Making a stocking is a pretty simple sewing project for beginners, and you can finish the project with ribbons and rhinestones. Kids can get involved in their stocking designs too.

The blog The House That Lars Built has a great tutorial on how to sew the stocking (and get the pattern). You’ll want fabric squares (available online) and ribbon, buttons, and rhinestones.

Use rhinestones to adorn your ribbons, create edging, and transform a flat piece of fabric into something charming and dazzling.

If sewing really isn’t your thing, you can always bling out those classic stocking you can find everywhere this time of year. Add rhinestone initials for pizzazz and personality.

Embroidery hoop wreaths

Embroidery hoops are easy to find and come in a variety of sizes. For this wall piece you’ll want a large branch (the length of your mantle or window) and five or six wooden embroidery hoops of different sizes. Each hoop will be a wreath hanging from the branch with a ribbon.

Decorate each wreath differently. Use your favorite combinations of:

  • Paint
  • Ribbons
  • Rhinestones
  • Evergreen branches/berries

For example, you can wrap a hoop in green ribbon, attach rhinestones, and finish with lace. Another way you can go with it is to attach an evergreen branch to the hoop with wire, finish with rhinestone berries, and add ribbon.

Wooden forest

Create cute table decorations that are easy to create from wooden bits and pieces you can find online or at the craft store. Find wooden objects that can form the treetop, like eggs and cones. Small wooden blocks or wooden spools can be used as the tree trunks.

Glue them together and paint them festive colors with acrylic paint. This is a great project for kids to get involved in. When you’re ready, use flat-backed rhinestones to create ornaments, garland, and any other magical touches you can think of.

Rhinestone garland

Who doesn’t love garland? Not all of us have a florist’s touch, so garland greenery may not be part of our home décor. Never fear, there is an easier way.

Wire ribbon is flexible but holds its shape, which makes it easy to use for household decorating. For this garland project, we’re going to use wire ribbon and rhinestones to make something that brightens any room or tree.

Flat-backed rhinestones are fixed to both sides of the ribbon for the desired length. You can always go for a linear pattern, sort of like a dotted line of stitching. If the ribbon is very wide, you might be able to pull of a spotted effect. Choose the colors to match your home’s style or tree.

Alternatively, you can create a more intense rhinestone garland by following a similar idea of the icicles made with sew-on rhinestones we mentioned earlier. This would take a lot of detail work, but if you’ve got the time, the results are absolutely worth it.

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5 Fall DIY Crafts to Bling Out

Is it already fall? If you’re like us, it feels like it’s been a long year, but we’re looking forward to cooler weather and hopefully a more mellow remainder of the year. We love getting excited about pumpkin spice everything, changing leaves, and sweater weather.

If you’re looking for some ways to decorate the house for the season, or simply need a new at-home project, we’ve put together some great crafts that are easy, pretty, and best of all, sparkly!

Canning Ring Pumpkin

You may have a bunch of old canning rings lying around, in which case this is the perfect project for repurposing. If you don’t have any to spare, you can buy canning rings separately (you’ll need about 12).

Don’t worry if your rings are rusty or different colors—you can paint them or just let them have a rustic charm. You’ll also need:

· Pipe cleaner or wire

· Cinnamon stick

· Twine

· Paint (optional)

· Rhinestones

Paint your rings before assembling, if you choose to. Arrange the canning rings vertically and in a circle, which will be the body of the pumpkin. The trickiest part is getting the pipe cleaner or wire wrapped around the inner part of the ring to keep them secure. It should be fairly tight.

You can add rhinestones to the outer edges of the “pumpkin.” We’re also going to add a cinnamon stick stem, which you can glue in place. Feel free to bling out the stem as well. Tie a piece of twine around the stem to top it off, and let this charming craft become a table centerpiece.

Rhinestone Candy Corn Art

Who doesn’t love candy corn? Okay, so maybe it’s not everyone’s favorite candy, but it’s a symbol of the season. With just a few simple items, you can create hanging framed art for your home.

If you have a small canvas, that’s a great base, but you can also use cardstock paper as your base. We like the idea of a spooky black background for Halloween, but any solid background color will work.

Print a candy corn template or draw the shape freehand on your background material. The bottom third will be orange rhinestones, the middle is yellow, and the top is white.

You can get really creative with your rhinestones. Use a combination of sizes, and if possible, use varying shades of color to create some variety. Place rhinestones in the candy corn shape until it is full.

Put your art in a frame (without glass) and hang it someplace where you want to bring some sweet cheer into the room.

Leaf Stencil Jars

We love the versatility that comes with mason jar projects. You can fill them with anything, decorate them how you want, and they are totally easy to bling out. For this stencil and rhinestone project, you’ll need paint, a pint-sized (or larger) mason jar, a silk leaf, and rhinestones.

Use a piece of scotch tape to lightly stick a leaf to the side of the jar. Feel free to use multiple, but the idea is to leave a silhouette of the leaf on the jar. When the leaf is in place, paint around the edges and paint the rest of the jar.

Gently peel away the leaf, which will leave some glass exposed in a pretty leaf shape. From there, it’s rhinestone time! Use your favorite rhinestones to create sparkly patterns of the jar.

It can be used for candles, floral arrangements, fairy lights, candy, or whatever else you can think of.

Bling Leaf Bowl

A bowl made out of leaves? You read right. With a few simple materials (and rhinestones!), you can make a charming bowl for holding candy, keys, or odds and ends, and it’s something the kids can help with too.

You’ll need the following:

· Silk autumn leaves

· Mod Podge and paintbrush

· Ballooon

· Rhinestones

Creating the bowl is a pretty simple process. You’ll want to first blow up a regular-sized balloon and tie it off. Don’t overfill the balloon because you’ll need it to stay stable for a little while—you’ll pop it intentionally later.

Set aside a bowl of Mod Podge for easy access, and lay down some newspaper to prevent mess. If you’ve never worked with this before, note that you can’t use regular glue as a substitute.

Apply a layer of Mod Podge with a paintbrush to one side of a leaf and adhere it to the top end of the balloon. Repeat this process with other leaves and slightly overlap leaves to create a bowl shape. Paint Mod Podge over the entire outer surface of the leaves to seal everything and make sure the leaves stick together. Wait for it to dry and paint a second layer—it will dry clear.

When you’re happy with the bowl shape and everything is dry, pop the balloon and peel it away from the inside. Carefully apply rhinestones to the inner and outer edge of the bowl to add some sparkle.

Sparkly Pinecone Wreath

A pinecone wreath is easy, festive, and makes great use of the pinecones scattered across your yard.

You’ll need:

· Wire wreath frame

· Pinecones

· Paint (optional)

· Rhinestones

· Ribbon (optional)

· Glue

The first step is to create the wreath by filling the frame with pinecones. Work carefully, and glue each pinecone in place. You’ll want to fill the frame entirely and cover all of the frame wires.

From there you can paint the tips of come of your pinecones if you’d like, but you’ll also apply your rhinestones. Rhinestones can be used on the pinecone tips to create patterns and sparkly accents.

To finish the wreath, add a ribbon and bow to the top, and add rhinestones to the bow for some extra pizazz. Hang and enjoy!

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Kids Rhinestone Crafts for the 4th of July

It’s certainly been a year like no other, and depending on where you live, life may feel a little chaotic. However, the seasons are still turning, summer is in full swing, and the 4th of July is quickly approaching.

Although many of us won’t be able to celebrate the Fourth in the traditional way among large groups this year, we can still have fun at home in our backyards, and better yet, make some fun crafts with rhinestones to keep the kids busy!

Let’s take a look at some easy, sparkly 4th of July kids rhinestone crafts!

Red, White, and Blue Windsock

Using some things around your house and some leftover craft bits, you and the kids can make these cute patriotic windsocks that are both fun to play with and help teach kids about wind.

You’ll need:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Red, white, and blue acrylic paint
  • Red, white, and blue yarn
  • Flat-backed rhinestones
  • Scissors, paintbrush, rhinestone adhesive, and glue

The toilet paper roll is going to be the base of the windsock. To start, have the kids paint the toilet paper roll however they wish. Stripes, polka dots, solids, you name it.

Apply glue all over the toilet paper roll (who cares if hands get a little messy?) and wrap yarn around the roll. You can alternate colors, make swirl patterns, zigzag, or do whatever pattern you want.

So the whole point of a windsock is to have things that blow in the breeze, right? So now we need to make the dangly bits! Cut five 8-inch lengths of yarn.

Now it’s rhinestone time! Help your child carefully glue rhinestones to the windsock roll base and to the dangling yarn. Once the 8-inch yarn lengths are sufficiently sparkly (don’t put too many on—you don’t want it to get too heavy), glue them to the windsock base.

Glue a length of yarn to the top of the windsock to create a hanger.

4th of July Wand

If you don’t have any sparklers lying around, or if the kids are too little for sparklers, making a sparkling wand is the next best thing! Heck, even some of the older kids might want one for themselves too!

For this project, you’ll need:

  • 3-inch foam star
  • 12-inch wooden dowel
  • Red, white, and blue acrylic paint
  • Red, white, and blue ribbon
  • Flat-backed rhinestones
  • Scissors, paintbrush, and glue

Start by painting the foam star and the wooden dowel. When the paint has dried, apply rhinestones to the star.

Cut three 18-inch lengths of ribbon, one of each color. Apply a few rhinestones to each ribbon, leaving the center of the ribbon free of rhinestones—you’ll be attaching it to the dowel later.

Use the dowel to make a hole in the bottom of the star. The ribbons are going to be folded in half and glued to the top of the dowel and glued into the dowel hole you just made.

Patriotic Rhinestone Magnets

I remember when I was a kid playing with refrigerator magnets, watching them bounce off of each other and stick together. Making patriotic refrigerator magnets is a fun (and quick) activity that you and your kids can do together. Best of all—this project can be adapted for any time of year!

Gather together the following:

  • Round ½” magnets
  • Wooden discs (1–2 inches in diameter)
  • Acrylic paint (red, white, and blue)
  • Flat-backed rhinestones
  • Glue

Start by painting your wooden discs (you can find these online at craft retailers). When the paint is dry, decide what type of rhinestone pattern you want for your magnet. Here are a few suggestions:

· Star


· Flag

The last thing to do is glue the magnet to the wooden disc. Here’s the trick. Place the magnet on your refrigerator before you glue it to disc so you know which side to glue!

Marble Art

We took some inspiration from the Kid-Friendly Things to Do blog. They have this fantastic idea for an easy art project for little kids to make fireworks out paint and some marbles. We’re going to jazz it up and make it three-dimensional with some rhinestones!

Get a shoebox and place white cardstock in the bottom of the box. You’ll need red and blue kid-friendly paint and the ability to be okay with everyone getting a little messy.

Have your child dip the marble in paint and put it in the shoebox and roll it around. Repeat until you’re happy with the “fireworks.”

When the paint is dry, it’s time to get rhinestone happy and make everything sparkle! Use flat-backed rhinestones to make the red and blue paint dazzle. Make the artwork extra special by putting it in a picture frame!


Suncatchers are beautiful and surprisingly easy to make. You’ll need:

  • Wax paper
  • Red, white, and blue tissue paper
  • White glue and water (mixed 2 parts glue to 1 part water)
  • Scissors and paintbrush
  • Flat-backed rhinestones

Cut two pieces of wax paper of equal size. This will be the backdrop for your suncatcher.

Lay one piece of wax paper flat—you may need to weigh down the corners while you work. Mix the glue and water together and keep nearby.

Meanwhile, cut your tissue paper into shapes. Stars would be great, but squares, or even tearing into shapes would work fine.

Brush a thin layer of glue mixture on the wax paper and lay a tissue paper shape on the glue. Press lightly. Don’t overlap your shapes too much because you want the light to shine through, and make sure you leave open space too.

When you’re done placing your tissue paper shapes, brush a thin layer of glue over the whole surface, and carefully place the second layer of wax paper on top. Wait for everything to dry, then trim the edges if needed.

Add your rhinestones to the wax paper. When the sun shines through the catcher, the light will bounce off the rhinestones and sparkle!

Hang the suncatcher in a window and enjoy your child’s beautiful artwork.

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DIY Rhinestone Gifts From Stuff Around the House 

Unless you’re an essential worker, you’ve probably been spending most of your time stuck inside your home these past few weeks. It’s easy to let the stresses of the world start to weigh you down, so we at the Rhinestone Shop thought it might be a good time for a sparkly distraction—DIY rhinestone projects! 

The goal this time is to keep you and the kids busy making gifts out of leftover rhinestones from other projects and use what you have laying around the house since it’s not particularly easy to just run out and pick up supplies right now.  

Upcycle an Old Vase 

Do you have a dusty, unloved vase sitting around somewhere? Maybe a ceramic bowl? Platter? It’s time to give these guys a makeover with a little bit of paint (if you have it) and some assorted rhinestones.  

Paint your vase with either a solid base color or a base color and designs. Fingerprint flowers can be a sentimental addition if you have children. Add your rhinestones once the paint has fully dried.  

Shoelace Bracelet 

If you have colorful or interesting spare shoelaces in the house, these can actually be woven into cute bracelets with a rhinestone touch. If you don’t have shoelaces, this could theoretically work with study shoelace-sized ribbon, too. We have two styles you can work with, depending on what you have at home: the three-strand braid or the single lace weave. 

The three-strand braid uses three different laces, preferably in three different colors. Tape the end of each lace to the top of a table or clip to a clipboard and start to braid fairly tightly. Braid until you have the length of the bracelet, plus extra for tying the ends. Bracelets are usually 6-8” for women and 7-9” for men. 

When the braid is complete, tie the lace ends together that aren’t taped down. Take the tape off and to the same for the other end. Carefully glue flat-backed rhinestones to your bracelet. The bracelet can be fastened by either tying the ends together on the wrist or using a safety pin to hold it in place.  

The single lace weave works if you only have one lace or ribbon. You’ll need a single shoelace and, optionally, a fastener (safety pin, or a jewelry fastener if you want to get fancy!).  

To make the weave, you’ll want some visual assistance in the process. Thankfully, our friends at wonderfuldiy.com have a great gallery to help explain the loop process. We promise, once you get the first loop, the rest is easy peasy. If you aren’t going to use a fastener, don’t snip anything until after the weave is completed.  

Keep weaving until you have your full bracelet length. For the final loop, you’ll push the other lace end through the available loop and pull to tie it off. If you don’t have a fastener and are going to tie the bracelet, leave about 2 inches before you snip the lace. If you do have a fastener, attach it now and make sure it fits, then snip the laces. 

Tennis Ball Holder 

If you’re a tennis person but don’t have any good dogs to share old tennis balls with, here’s a cute project/gift idea that we promise will have you smiling every time you see it.  

The tennis ball holder attaches to the wall, looks like a cute smiling face, and is kind enough to hold things in its mouth for you like keys, mail, and pens. You’ll need: 

  • An old tennis ball 
  • Pencil 
  • A sharp knife 
  • A wall fastener (wall hook, suction cup) 
  • Big rhinestones for eyes 
  • Accessories to add personality to your holder (optional) 

On one side of the tennis ball, draw a line where you would like the mouth to be. Very carefully make your cut. You can always make the mouth bigger if you need to, so start small and work your way larger. Try putting thing in the mouth and see if it’s wide enough. 

The opposite side of the ball will attach to the wall, so you may need to make a small cut in the tennis ball to attach the wall fastener (Be careful!). Now you can add some personality! Your tennis ball holder needs eyes, and rhinestones, in our opinion, seem like the obvious bling choice.  

Your holder is officially ready to be put to work, but you can always dress it up with more accessories like more rhinestones, flowers, miniature cowboy hats, or whatever else your glittering heart desires.  

Bling Artsy Portraits 

This is a craft project that may not be for everyone, but it works well if you have a high-quality printer. Find your favorite black-and-white image and print the best quality image you can on photo paper (if you have it) or cardstock.  

Once you have your image, you can start adding your rhinestones to jazz up whatever features you’d like—sunglasses, earrings, clouds—the possibilities are endless! 

Because there are rhinestones on your picture creating a three-dimensional effect, it likely won’t fit under a typical glass piece of a picture frame, but you can just do without.  

Rhinestone “Cat” Flowerpot 

Make an adorable flowerpot out of a 2-liter soda bottle that looks like a cat, and make it sparkle with rhinestones! You’ll need: 

  • Empty 2-liter soda bottle 
  • Paint 
  • Scissors 
  • Rhinestones and adhesive 

Cut the top two-thirds of the bottle off and discard. Using this template as a guide (and also as more detailed instructions on the project), cut the ears out of the top inch of the remaining bottle. Paint the entire outside of the bottle to your desired cat color. 

Now you can make your rhinestone cat face! If you want, you can use a mix of permanent markers and rhinestones to make the face, or you can go full bling, depending on your supply levels. The ears, eyes, nose, and whiskers should all be visible. Add some gravel, dirt, and a houseplant, and you’re good to go! 

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DIY Rhinestone Projects for St. Patrick’s Day

It’s a lucky time of year when everyone gets to feel a little bit Irish, even if you’re not. And of course, we’ve got some rhinestone crafts to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day—like we need an excuse to bust out the sparkles. Without further ado, check out these fun (and sparkly) DIY rhinestone projects to bring a bit of green and good into your life.

Lucky Rainbow Sign

Bring a little bit of luck and color into your home with a rainbow and clover sign to hang on your door. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel—you can even find a sign from a craft store that you like the shape of and paint over it with a white background.

Once you have a sign you like, assemble the following:

· Acrylic paints in rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)

· Painter’s tape · Four-leaf clover template

· Pencil

· Flat-backed green rhinestones

· Adhesive

The background of the sign should be painted with horizontal rainbow stripes, but if you’re not a robot, it’s nearly impossible to paint horizontal lines and keep them crisp and straight. Here comes our savior—painter’s tape.

Carefully place painter’s tape on either side of where you want the rainbow stripe to go then paint your rainbow color. Wait for the paint to dry and then pull the tape away. Feel free to change up the widths of your rainbow stripes for variety.

When all of the paint is dry, you can work on your rhinestone clover. Print your clover template and carefully cut it out. Place it in the center of your sign and outline the clover with a pencil.

Using adhesive, fix your rhinestones in the shape of a clover and hang your sign on your door for all to see!

Four-Leaf Clover Pencil Toppers

This easy project makes a cute gift for the kids to take to school. Make one for the teacher too!

You’ll need to get the following:

· Stiff green felt

· Sharp embroidery scissors

· Flat-backed green or gold rhinestones

· Adhesive

· Green or gold ribbon · Clover template

Print a clover template for clovers about 1-1.5 inches wide and carefully cut. Use that as a template for your felt and use embroidery scissors to cut your felt. Embroidery scissors allow for detail work better than larger scissors.

Glue rhinestones to the felt clover in any pattern you choose, but don’t make it too heavy that the clover can’t stand upright.

Glue one clover to the top of a pencil. Cut two 4-inch pieces of ribbon for each pencil and glue the center of each piece of ribbon to the base of the clover. Finally, glue one rhinestone to the base of the clover to cover the center of the ribbons.

Shamrock Garland

Make a cute string of garland to hang in a window. This one requires a little bit of stitching.

To make this garland, start by using this shamrock template. Use shamrocks that are about 3 inches wide, and don’t worry about the tiny stems. Using green felt, cut 16 shamrocks total.

Stitch two shamrocks together around the edge, leaving about a half-inch open. Stuff the shamrocks with batting, and then stitch the shamrock closed. Then you can add your rhinestones.

Add green or gold flat-backed rhinestones to your shamrocks as your heart desires. Use different shapes, or use varying patterns for each heart—you’ll have 8 hearts total.

Once you’re done with the bling portion of the project, you can stitch the shamrocks to ribbon. You’ll need about 80 inches of ¼” ribbon, either white, gold, green, or orange.

Starting 5 inches from the end, stitch one shamrock edge to the ribbon. Every 8 and ¾”, stitch another shamrock to the ribbon until you have a full garland. Then hang from a window!

Pot of Gold

An easy-to-make candy dish for golden chocolates that you can bring out every year. Who knows—maybe it will even lure out a leprechaun!

For this fun project, you’ll need the following:

· Small terra cotta pot (3 inches wide at the top)

· Black acrylic paint

· Flat-backed gold rhinestones

· Gold glitter paint · Four-leaf clover template

· Adhesive

Paint the terra cotta pot black, inside and out, and let it dry completely. The upper rim of the pot is going to be completely covered in gold rhinestones. Since the pot is small, the smaller the rhinestones, the easier it will be to place them. Work your way around until the rim is covered.

The pot will have two four-leaf clovers on opposite sides of the base of the pot. Using 1-inch wide clover templates, use small gold rhinestones to make your four-leaf clovers. If you don’t want an all-gold pot, you can always make a classic green clover.

If you’re noticing gaps between your rhinestones and want to do a little bit of touching up, use your glitter paint to carefully fill in the gaps. However, you can avoid gaps by placing rhinestones in the “corners” of each other, not directly side-by-side.

Finally, get gold-wrapped chocolates and fill your leprechaun’s stash for everyone to enjoy!

Festive Headband

We’re not talking about those headbands with the wobbly antennae. Instead, this cute rainbow and shamrock headband is something that brings a little bit of charm without going over the top.

You’ll need a thin headband to start, as well as thin rainbow ribbon and glue. Glue ribbon to one end of the headband, and carefully wrap the ribbon around the headband until it is fully covered. Snip the other end, leaving about ¼” excess. Glue and tuck in the end piece.

Use green felt and a four-leaf clover template (check out the pencil topper project). Cut out a clover that’s about two inches wide, but if you want one that’s a little bit bigger, go for it!

Glue the middle of the clover off-center of the headband. The final touch will be adding a fabulous green rhinestone to the center of the clover. Use an interesting shape to add your own spin on it!

The Finest European Crystals The Rhinestone Shop has an amazing selection of authentic European crystal rhinestones, tools, and accessories for all of your projects, no matter the occasion.

DIY Rhinestone Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has long been associated with tokens of love, and it has also, for us at the Rhinestone Shop at least, become an opportunity to make some cheery seasonal rhinestone crafts. Check out our Valentine favorites.

Flower pins

Make these easy and cute little flower pins for your Galentine’s lunch. To make these flowers, you’ll need the following:

  • Chiffon
  • Round, flat-backed, sew-on rhinestones
  • Felt
  • Pin back
  • Glue
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors

Cut ten layers of chiffon in a flower pattern that is two inches wide. Lay the chiffon layers alternating the petals so there is overlap. Cut a matching piece of felt and place it as the back layer.

Use needle and thread to sew the rhinestone through the middle of the chiffon layers and felt to unite the layers and create your flower. Crinkle the chiffon to “fluff” the flower.

Finally, glue the pin back to the felt and let the pin set. Repeat until you have enough for all of your friends!

DIY Bangles

Accessorize your Valentine’s Day! Crafts stores actually sell wooden bangles that you can paint in your favorite Valentine’s colors and bling with your favorite rhinestones.

Try less traditional versions of red and pink as your paint colors, which will make them wearable beyond the Valentine’s season. Get a mix of bangle sizes and shapes. For example, mix wide, flat bangles with thin, rounded ones.

Use acrylic paint to coat the inside and outside of the bangles, and use silver, red, or pink flat-backed rhinestones to create rhinestone patterns. This can also be a good time to use fun shapes like deltas and squares. Get creative!

String Art

Make wall art that spreads the love in February.

For this charming and rustic craft, you’ll need a few atypical craft tools, along with some of the usual suspects.

  • Wooden board
  • 25–40 flat-head, 1.5-inch nails
  • Red or pink string (embroidery floss or thin yarn works well)
  • Red or pink flat-backed rhinestones
  • Glue
  • Hammer
  • Scissors

Use a heart template, size it to approximately six inches wide and trace it on to your wooden board. Carefully nail your nails about one-half inches apart around the template. The nails should be nailed in so they are straight and secure.

Cut an approximately 3-foot piece of string and tie one end to the bottom nail of the heart. Weave the string lengthwise across the heart to another nail, then wrap and take the string in an opposite direction. Continue this until the string has wound around every nail on the heart and tie off the end. Snip the loose ends.

Glue a round, flat-backed rhinestone to the head of each nail head to finish the piece. If you wish to hang your string art, attach a frame bracket to the back.

Heart Mobile

If you’re a new parent or parent-to-be and you’re looking for a fresh project, why not make a cute heart mobile for the baby’s room? You’ll need:

  • Ribbon
  • 8-inch dowel
  • Acrylic paint
  • Felt, assorted colors
  • Batting
  • Heart-shaped rhinestones
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

First you’ll want to make your stuffed hearts, which will hang from the dowel. Cut hearts in matching pairs, about three inches wide. Use a printable heart template from the String Art guide.

Stitch most of the way around the outside of the heart, then stuff with batting, and then finish sewing the heart. Make five hearts total, and attach a heart-shaped rhinestone to the middle of each heart.

Cut five lengths of ribbons, varying in length from five to eight inches. These will then be sewn to the top of each heart. Paint your dowel, if desired.

Tie each heart to the dowel, making sure there is room for the hearts to hang. Cut a 24-inch piece of ribbon and attach to the dowel and use it to hang your mobile.

Cedar Votive Holders

Create something that’s a blend of rustic and bling that will help set a romantic and unique table.

To make these votive holders, you’ll need cedar discs, which you may be able to find from your yard or from a neighbor, but you can also buy them online.

Ultimately, a tea candle is going to rest partially inside it, so you’ll want a disc that is relatively thick. Use a tea candle to make an outline on a cedar disc. Using a rotary tool, carefully remove wood where the tea candle will go. Be patient—this part may take a little time, and be sure not to cut all the way through the disc.

To finish the disc, add rhinestones to either the sides of the disc or the top that will surround the candle. The rhinestones will help the candlelight sparkle!

Simple Heart Vase

It really is simple. Promise. The premise Is white branches, paper hearts and rhinestones, and a vase. That’s it.

You’ll need a vase of your choosing, and bare florist branches, If they aren’t already white, go ahead and spray paint them white.

Scour your scrapbooking stash or dig through the scrapbooking section of the craft store and find Valentine’s themed patterned paper. Cut the paper into 1-inch wide pairs of hearts.

You don’t have to do this for every branch, but every so often, take a pair of hearts, and glue them back to back (pretty side facing out!) on the tips of branches. Continue this until you have a vase full of branches and it looks full.

Finally, you can add your rhinestones. Use a variety of colors for visual interest while still keeping with the Valentine’s theme.

Plastic Ring Heart Wall Art

Create a wall piece that’s easy to make and easy on the budget. Using plastic rings, you can make a heart wall art that’s festive, fun, and sparkly!

Use twelve plastic rings and a skein of variegated red and pink yarn. Wrap each ring with yarn to cover the plastic. Carefully arrange the rings in a heart shape and securely attach the rings to one another using hot glue and yarn.

Add rhinestones to the rings to finish the heart.

Sparkle Year Round

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about the chocolate and cards (but it doesn’t hurt). We hope you have a fun and dazzling holiday full of good crafting. Be sure to check out The Rhinestone Shop’s full inventory of rhinestones, nailheads, and supplies!

Celebrate the Holidays with Rhinestones

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? It ‘s time to pull out all of your favorite rhinestones and start working on decorations and gifts for the winter holiday season.

Christmas and New Year’s are great times to bring out the sparkle, and we’ve found a few projects that are easy to accomplish in a short amount of time, which is exactly what we need during this hectic time of year.

Winter Wreath

For many of us, winter is the time to enjoy snow and cold weather—or staying inside out of the cold making rhinestone crafts. We have a wonderful winter wreath idea that works as a beautiful seasonal decoration or a gift for a friend.

For this minimalist and striking wreath, you’ll need:

  • Foam wreath base (white)
  • Bare branches, about 6 inches in length (approximately 20 branches)
  • Floral wire (white)
  • White acrylic spray paint
  • White or silver wire ribbon
  • Silver rhinestones

Spray paint the foam wreath base white if you weren’t able to find a white base. Then, individually spray paint your branches white. You’ll want to take this part of the project outside, and be sure to use newspapers to protect your space.

You can use branches from bare trees in your yard, but you can also find artificial branches in craft stores. If your artificial branches come with berries or other add-ons, go ahead and paint the whole branch. You’ll need enough branches to build your entire wreath, and you may want to find smaller branches as filler.

Arrange your branches in the same direction around the foam base, securing with the floral wire as you go. You may also want to hot glue the bases of the branches in place for extra security. Use smaller branches for filler.

Now it’s rhinestone time! Using small rhinestones, fix the rhinestones to the branches, keeping them scattered throughout. If you want (and depending on the size of your branches) you can use varying sizes of rhinestones for visual variety.

Finish your wreath with ribbon and a bow, and hang on your door or give to a friend!

Embroidery Hoop Ornament

Ornaments are wonderful craft projects that can be as simple or as complex as you want, and they become cherished keepsakes for your friends and family.

This charming ornament is a blend of rustic and bling, making it a unique offering. To make an embroidery hoop ornament, you’ll need:

  • Small embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery fabric
  • Sew-on or flat-backed rhinestones
  • Needle and thread
  • Ribbon

Think about your rhinestone pattern. For Christmas, a snowflake or a poinsettia flower are simple choices that look beautiful when done with rhinestones. You can lightly pencil out your design on the fabric, but make sure you measure your design to fit the inside of the embroidery hoop.

If you’re using sew-on rhinestones, start by securing your fabric to the embroidery hoop. You’ll want some excess fabric on the sides— you can trim that away later. Sew your rhinestones to the fabric carefully.

If you’re using flat-backed rhinestones, fix your rhinestones while working on a flat surface, then secure the fabric to the embroidery hoop, keeping your rhinestone design centered in the hoop.

Don’t forget – the embroidery hoop screw should be at the top of the design. That’s where you’ll attach your ribbon. Cut a piece of ribbon about 6 inches long and tie it in a loop around the screw. Then hang it from your Christmas tree!

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Can’t get enough ornaments? Neither can we! Here’s one more great (and easy) ornament idea for your bling Christmas tree.


  • Metal cookie cutters (the ones without handles)
  • Decorative papers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Flat-backed rhinestones
  • Ornament hooks

Find decorative paper that’s festive (check the scrapbooking sections of craft stores). You’ll apply plenty of glue to the cutter edges of the cookie cutters and press down on the paper and let it dry completely. Then cut away the excess on the outside. Important: leave a paper tab at the top of the ornament for the hook!

Apply your flat-backed rhinestones in complementary colors in different patterns on the paper. Make sure to leave room for your paper design to show through. Punch a small hole in the tab at the top, and apply a coat of clear-drying adhesive or nail polish to reinforce the ornament hook hole.

Snowy Picture Frame

The Rhinestone Shop has an incredible selection of rhinestones, including novelty shapes. For winter, why not use these great snowflake rhinestones?

A fun seasonal gift that makes use of these unique rhinestones is a sparkling picture frame. Use a mix of snowflakes and other shapes, and mix sizes, but keep them all the same color. Having too much of a mix of shapes and colors can start to look cluttered.

Tip: Before fixing any rhinestones in places, lay them out in your pattern to see what the final product will look like. Fix everything to your desired picture frame.

Bling in the New Year with champagne flutes

It’s a great feeling saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new, and it’s even better with a glass of bubbly in your hand!

Top off your year with a set of bling champagne flutes that you can use for your New Year’s party. You’ll need smooth plastic champagne flutes and flat-backed rhinestones in assorted shapes and colors.

The idea is to make each champagne flute different so that your guests can identify their glass, kind of like permanent wine charms. Get creative! Make patterns, or use unique rhinestone shapes.

You can bling just the base of the glass, or you can use tiny stones on the stem or on the glass itself. Pro tip: use smaller rhinestones on curved surfaces—they will adhere better to the surface.

European rhinestones for the holidays

The Rhinestone Shop has a large inventory of traditional and novelty rhinestones in a huge selection of shapes and sizes. Check out our size chart, color chart, and online inventory to find exactly what you need for your sparkling holiday project. Happy holidays!

Add Rhinestones to Your Thanksgiving Table 

Now that we’re officially into the swing of fall, we’re absolutely ready to face our families and stuff our faces for Thanksgiving, followed by a nice relaxing post-meal in comfy yoga pants. But before we can get to yoga pants, we have to actually prepare for Thanksgiving, and part of that means assembling a beautiful table.  

 We’ve got some great ideas for ways to add rhinestones to your Thanksgiving table that will wow your guests.  

Rhinestone Chargers 

A quick and easy way to “fancy-up” a place setting is to add a charger. You may be familiar with a charger even if you didn’t know the name. A charger is the decorative plate underneath the plate you actually eat off of. Usually these are used in formal occasions.  

Chargers can be found online or at many home goods stores. The best part about chargers is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on them, and you can easily change the colors to match the theme of your table if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for—after all, these aren’t for eating off of.  

Once you have found the chargers you like, paint the outer edge to the color that best complements your table theme. You can always go with traditional fall colors of golds, browns, and reds, but don’t be afraid to try something different like a blue or a sage color.  

Finally, it’s time for rhinestones. You can choose the shape of rhinestone that best fits the existing pattern of the charger, and it’s good to choose either a matching or complementary rhinestone color. Remember: flat-backed!