Add Sparkle to Your Rhinestone Dance Costume with These Tips

As a specialist in the realm of rhinestone, I’m aware that embellishing with rhinestones and other decorations can upgrade your costume. In this blog post, we will explore different ways to add sparkle to your dance costume using gem tac.

Gem tac is a type of glue that is perfect for attaching rhinestones and other small embellishments onto fabric. We will discuss how to use it effectively so that your rhinestones stay put throughout your performance.

We will also go over some tips on choosing the right size and color of rhinestone for your costume, as well as how many you should use for optimal effect. Additionally, we’ll cover some common mistakes people make when adding rhinestones and how to avoid them.

If you’re looking to elevate your dance costume game, this post is for you! By the end of it, you’ll have all the knowledge necessary to add some serious sparkle and shine to any outfit with gem tac.

So let’s dive in and learn about how adding just a few simple touches can transform an ordinary dance costume into something truly extraordinary!

Table of Contents:

Preparing Your Garment

If you want your costume to sparkle like a diamond, it’s important to prepare the garment before applying any rhinestones. Pre-washing and stretching are key steps that will help ensure that the fabric is ready for embellishment.

Before pre-washing, check the label on your garment for washing instructions. If there are none, it’s best to hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent or baby shampoo and hang dry. This will remove any dirt or dust particles from the fabric and keep colors from fading during laundering later on.

Once washed, stretch out your garment by pulling gently along all seams while wet – this will give you an even surface for gluing stones onto. You can also use steam or a hot iron set on low heat (with no steam) to make sure everything is taut and wrinkle free when finished drying. Just be careful not to overdo it; too much stretching can cause damage.

To sum up, prepping your costume is essential if you want sparkling results. Provide yourself with adequate time to avoid hastiness, as cutting corners could result in dissatisfaction ultimately.

Before beginning any rhinestone project, it is essential to devote sufficient time to properly prepare the clothing item. With a well-prepared workspace, you can begin applying the stones with confidence and ease.

Prepare Your Workspace

Be ready for a rhinestone project by having your workspace prepped and in order; don’t be caught off guard. You’ll need an area that’s clean and organized so you can focus on applying each stone perfectly. Start by clearing the work surface of any clutter or distractions. Put away anything that isn’t related to the project and make sure there is plenty of room for all the supplies you’ll need, like tweezers, stones, glue, and templates.

Once everything is cleared off the table top, give it a good wipe down with a damp cloth to remove dust or debris from previous projects. This will help ensure that nothing interferes with adhesion when gluing stones in place later on. Now set up your tools within easy reach – this could include items such as scissors, pliers and other small tools needed for intricate designs. Positioning your tools nearby can be beneficial, as it eliminates the need to look for them during assembly.

Now take out all of your materials – this includes both loose stones as well as adhesive-backed ones if applicable – along with any design templates or patterns used in the project so they’re easily accessible while working on each piece separately. Sort through these components one by one until everything is laid out neatly in front of you according to size or color if necessary; doing this ahead of time makes finding what you need much easier once actual work begins.

Finally, check over every item carefully before starting: inspect each stone for chips or cracks; confirm that all adhesive backing is still intact; double check measurements against templates/patterns, etc. Doing this last step ensures quality control throughout the entire process which saves time and frustration in case something needs replacing mid-way through.

To ensure a successful rhinestone dance costume project, it is important to properly prepare your workspace. Now that the workspace is ready, let’s move on to selecting an appropriate glue for attaching the rhinestones.

Key Takeaway: To prepare for a rhinestone project, clear the workspace of any distractions and give it a good wipe down; arrange tools within reach, lay out materials neatly according to sizecolor; then double-check everything before starting. In other words: Get your ducks in a row so you can hit the ground running.

Choose Your Glue

When it comes to affixing stones, you need something that’s tough and dependable. E6000 is a great choice for this – it’s an industrial strength adhesive with superior bonding capabilities and flexibility. E6000 is suitable for adhering stones to a wide range of surfaces, including metal, wood, plastic, leather and fabric. The downside is that it takes longer to dry than other adhesives so you need to give yourself extra time when using it.

If you’re looking for something quicker drying but still with good hold power then Aleene’s Jewelry & Metal Glue may be the way to go. This glue has a fast-drying formula that bonds quickly yet still provides plenty of durability in jewelry projects. Once it’s been put on, this adhesive dries quickly so be sure your pieces are correctly situated before using it – no room for changes afterwards.

For those who prefer liquid glues over gels or pastes there’s GemTac Permanent Adhesive which is specifically designed for attaching gems and rhinestones onto fabrics as well as other materials like wood or paper mache. This water-based adhesive has excellent holding power while also being non-toxic and easy to clean up after use – just remember not to get too carried away when applying because if you apply too much the excess can seep out from underneath your stones ruining your project.

Finally, there is Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue which offers both quick drying times (about 30 seconds) as well as maximum control thanks to its gel consistency, preventing unwanted run offs or spills during application. This superglue works on almost any surface including glass, ceramic tile, metals, plastics, rubber, vinyl, etc., making it incredibly versatile. However, keep in mind that Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue should only be used indoors due to its sensitivity towards moisture and humidity levels outdoors; otherwise your finished product will not last long at all.

When it comes to choosing the right glue for your rhinestone dance costume, quick-set industrial gel glues like E6000 are a great choice. To ensure a successful adhesion of your rhinestone costume, it’s essential to have the right tools on hand.

Key Takeaway: For rhinestone dance costume projects, professionals should consider using E6000 industrial strength adhesive for maximum bonding capabilities and flexibility; Aleene’s Jewelry & Metal Glue for quick drying times; GemTac Permanent Adhesive specifically designed for attaching gems to fabrics; or Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue with a gel consistency providing precise application.

Choose Your Tools

When it comes to adding rhinestones onto dance costumes, having the right tools for the job is key. You don’t want to be unprepared when you require something unique and can’t find it. To ensure a successful rhinestone application, it is important to have the appropriate tools on hand.


A good pair of tweezers are essential for picking up small stones and placing them in exactly the right spot. Invest in a quality set that won’t bend or break easily – you’ll thank yourself later.

Rhinestone Picker Pen:

This nifty tool looks like an ordinary pen but has a soft rubber tip designed specifically for handling rhinestones without damaging them. The rubber tip also helps to grip each stone securely so they stay put while being applied.

Felt Mat or Tray:

When working with tiny gems, things can get messy fast. To keep everything organized, have a felt mat or tray handy where you can store individual stones until they’re ready to be used. To ensure nothing is misplaced, having a designated area for storing individual gems can be quite helpful.

Jewelry Glue:

For best results when attaching rhinestones, use jewelry glue rather than regular craft glue which may not hold as well over time due to its watery consistency. Jewelry glue will help ensure your stones stay secure on fabric surfaces no matter how much dancing takes place.

It is important to plan out your design ahead of time before applying any stones, as this will save you from having to make unnecessary adjustments later on and potentially ruining your masterpiece. Utilize a ruler and marking pencil or chalk combo for precise measurements and placement marks so all the pieces fit together perfectly once finished.

Selecting the appropriate equipment is crucial for a successful rhinestone project. Now that you have chosen your tools, let us look at how to fill syringes and pick up rhinestones for maximum precision.

Key Takeaway: Having the right tools is essential for creating a beautiful rhinestone dance costume; tweezers, picker pen, felt mattray and jewelry glue are all must-haves. Additionally, it’s wise to plan ahead with measurements and placement marks before applying stones in order to avoid any costly mistakes down the line.

Filling Syringe & Picking Up Rhinestones

Filling a syringe with glue can be tricky. To do it without clogging the needle, you’ll need to take your time and pay attention to detail. Start by filling the syringe barrel with glue until it reaches about halfway up the sides of the barrel. Insert the plunger, pushing down until all air is expelled from inside. Once done, get rid of any glue that has oozed out onto the outside of the syringe before placing your needle tip in at a slant to prevent blocking off air pockets or putting too much pressure on either side. Finally, press down firmly on both ends while holding them together tightly – this will ensure that no more air is trapped within and allow for smooth application when using your filled-up syringe.

Simply rub each eraser or toothpick against some melted wax, or dip it into a container full of the substance, before touching it against your desired stone(s). The stickiness should hold tight but if they come loose, just repeat this process until you have what you need safely stored away.

With the right techniques and tools, you can easily fill a syringe with glue for attaching rhinestones to your costume. To ensure that your dance costume looks its best after use, it is important to follow garment care instructions such as washing and drying carefully or storing properly.

Garment Care

Nobody wants to perform wearing an outfit that appears tattered and worn. Keeping your costumes clean and looking their best is key for making sure they sparkle on stage. Here are some tips for keeping your rhinestone-adorned garments fresh as a daisy:


When washing, use only cold water and mild detergent, preferably something specifically designed for delicates or handwashing. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener; both can cause damage to the stones and other embellishments. For extra protection, turn the garment inside out before putting it into the machine and use a mesh bag if you have one handy.


After washing, lay flat on a towel or drying rack away from direct sunlight to air dry (no heaters either.). If you must put it in the dryer, make sure it’s set on low heat with no tumble cycle. Excessive tumbling can cause stones to loosen over time due to abrasion from other items in the load – not good.


The ideal place for storing costumes is somewhere dark and cool like an unused closet or drawer – avoid damp basements if possible. Make sure each costume has its own hanger so nothing gets tangled up together during transport; this will also help keep them wrinkle-free until showtime. Also be sure that all zippers are closed tightly so they don’t snag anything else while being stored away between performances.

When taking off your costume after each performance, give it a quick inspection first – check around any areas where stones may have come loose during wear – then hang immediately back up when done dancing or store folded neatly. Doing this will help ensure that everything stays in tip top shape until next time.

Key Takeaway: Properly caring for your rhinestone-adorned dance costumes is essential to keep them looking their best and sparkling on stage. Make sure to hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent, air dry away from direct sunlight, store in dark and cool places using individual hangers or folded neatly, and inspect after each performance for any loose stones.

FAQs in Relation to Rhinestone Dance Costume

What rhinestones are used in dance costumes?

Dance costumes often use rhinestones to add sparkle and glamour. Popular types of rhinestones used in dance costumes include Swarovski crystals, Preciosa crystals, flatback glass stones, hotfix stones, sew-on stones and more. Depending on the desired look for a costume or performance piece, each type of stone can be chosen based on size, color and shape to create an eye-catching design.

What is the best glue for rhinestones dance costume?

The best glue for rhinestones dance costume is a two-part epoxy adhesive. This type of adhesive will provide strong adhesion and flexibility, allowing the stones to move with the fabric without coming loose. For best results, this adhesive can be applied to a variety of materials such as metal, plastic, wood, glass and ceramic. For optimal results use an applicator such as a toothpick or cotton swab to apply small amounts of glue directly onto each stone before pressing it firmly into place on your garment.

What size rhinestones are best for dance costumes?

When selecting rhinestones for dance costumes, it is important to consider the size of the stones. Generally speaking, larger stones are best suited for more intricate designs and those that need to be seen from a distance. Smaller rhinestones can work well in more delicate pieces or when used as accents on larger designs. The size of the stones should be chosen based on the desired level of detail and security. Ensuring that the rhinestones remain firmly affixed is a must for any design, so as to avoid them coming undone during presentations.

What is the importance of dance costumes?

Dance costumes are an important part of the overall performance. They help to convey a certain mood or atmosphere, and can be used to create contrast between dancers in order to draw attention to certain moves. The right costume also serves as an extension of the dancer’s body language, allowing them more freedom of expression while performing. Furthermore, costumes provide visual interest for audiences and help keep their attention throughout the show. Lastly, they add another layer of storytelling by helping illustrate characters and themes within dances pieces.


Creating a stunning rhinestone dance costume requires time and patience. With the right preparation, tools, glue, and technique you can create an eye-catching garment that will have everyone in awe of your design skills. Take care to use proper techniques for gluing on each rhinestone so that it stays secure throughout wear. A well-crafted rhinestone dance costume is sure to be showstopper at any event or performance.

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