Things to Bling Out for Back to School

Can you believe it’s that time already? The kids seemed to have just gotten back from the pool and it’s already time to start thinking about going back to school. But never fear! Your child won’t have to go back to school with the same old boring supplies. We’ve got a few ideas for how to bling out your school supplies—and the kids can help!

Bling Backpack

There are many backpacks to choose from (some might say too many), but the thing we’ve noticed a lot of backpacks are missing is some sparkle. A backpack is a super easy project to start with, as you can do simple designs or a monogram.

Hotfix or sew-on rhinestones will work for this sparkle session. We recommend hotfix rhinestones if you’re planning a larger, more complicated design and sew-on rhinestones if you simply want to apply accent stones. The sew-on rhinestones are less likely to fall off but are more time-consuming to apply.

Choose rhinestones that complement your backpack, or whatever color your child prefers. If you are choosing to monogram the backpack, look online for lettering suggestions and create a transfer of your monogram to apply to the backpack.

As always, have your rhinestones prepared and ready to apply, then carefully fix them to the backpack. The same process will apply for any other design you choose to do with hotfix rhinestones.

Pencil Cases

Even though school supplies may look a little different, one thing certainly still holds true: students need pencil cases! You can find both pencil pouches and pencil boxes anywhere with school supplies, and we think rhinestones are the perfect way to personalize!

Pencil boxes may be easier for kids to work with since the surface is stable, but you can easily bling out a pouch as well. For pencil boxes, you may want to paint your pencil box with acrylic paint before you start applying rhinestones. The kids can paint their boxes however they want and in their favorite colors.

You’ll need flat-backed rhinestones, preferably hotfix, since they are easier to apply. This is a great opportunity to let the kids use your novelty shapes like hearts and skulls.

Here are a few suggestions for ways to bling out your pencil case:

  • Polka dots
  • Flower patterns (use marquis shapes)
  • Square outlines
  • Rhinestone initials

If you have a more flexible pencil pouch, you may want to try using smaller rhinestones that can move with your pouch. Alternatively, you may be able to use sew-on rhinestones, depending on the material.


One of the traditional back-to-school necessities is a new pair of school shoes. What better way to make them fun than with rhinestones?

Blinging out your kid’s new shoes is incredibly easy, and it’s easy to customize with their favorite colors and shapes. One product type that we sell in addition to rhinestones are nail heads, which are applied in a similar fashion to rhinestones and come in many fun shapes, though they aren’t nearly as sparkly.

There are a few ways you can jazz up shoes, which will partially depend on what type of shoe you have. It’s best to avoid areas that get a lot of wear such as eyelets, laces, and the tongue.

If you have sneakers, the best location for rhinestones is on the sides, particularly if you have high tops. The smaller the stones you use, the more flexible your shoe will be. The toe can also be a great location for some sparkle, but again, avoid the crease between the toe and the sides. For flip flops, you can simply add some bling to the top of the thongs.

It’s generally easier to add bling to shoes when you use small rhinestones or nail heads—larger stones may feel uncomfortable and could potentially fall off after continued wear.


If you need to feed to sparkle addiction and want an easy project for kids to work on, rulers will fit the bill. All rulers have something of a rut going down the middle, which we think is just begging for some rhinestone enhancement.

You’ll need to use very small rhinestones for this project, as the rhinestones will have to fit inside the divot—round rhinestones or possibly narrow marquis or navette stones will be most appropriate.

If you want, you can apply a small band of acrylic paint down the middle for added personalization, but make sure you don’t cover your ruler marks! Add your rhinestones and start a rhinestone trend at school!

Locker Accessories

If the student in your life has a locker, there are suddenly so many more things just begging for some rhinestones! Some of our favorite locker accessories to bling out include:

  • Mirrors – Find mirrors designed specifically for lockers. They usually have magnets on the back. Add flat-back rhinestones around the edge of the mirror in whichever colors and shapes you want. The best part about this locker project is that the mirror will reflect the already sparkly rhinestones, making it double the fun!
  • Dry erase boards – This is a similar project to the locker mirror in that you apply rhinestones to the border of the dry erase board. Choose your favorite flat-backed rhinestones and make a frame that sparkles!
  • Locker magnets – Magnets for a locker are incredibly useful for putting up notes and pictures inside (and even outside) the locker. There are a few ways you can make rhinestone magnets.

One way is to find plain, flat magnets (like clothespin magnets) and cover them with your favorite rhinestones. Another way is to make the magnets yourself out of craft foam. Cut shapes out of craft foam in a color of your choice, then attach rhinestones to your cutouts and glue to a magnet. This is much more customizable, but does take a little more time.

We hope that the transition back to school goes smoothly for both you and the kids. Be sure to check back with The Rhinestone Shop for more project ideas and product updates!

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