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Wholesale Rhinestone SKULL

Rhinestone jewelry is all the rage. At the Rhinestone Shop we stock both flat back and pointed back European stones which are used to make rhinestone costume jewelry. We also carry different settings in a variety of colors and styles. If you have creativity at your fingertips then you can make your own European crystal jewelry.

All the celebrities are wearing rhinestone costume jewelry and we all want it too. Even though rhinestones aren’t precious stones it is still expensive to buy rhinestone jewelry. BUT, if you make your own European crystal jewelry, not only will friends and strangers want to know where you got that gorgeous dazzler but you will have saved yourself some cash…. In this economy, who doesn’t want to save some hard earned dough?!

We all remember our grandma’s vintage rhinestone jewelry and we wish we would’ve kept it all because it is back in style, big time! But, since we all weren’t smart enough to hold onto all those beautiful pieces we have to start buying new ones or make our own rhinestone jewelry sets! For those who may have a little pack rat in them (you know who you are) and saved broken broaches and mismatched earrings you are in luck, because they make awesome embellishment to add to your new creation! Vintage rhinestone jewelry is such an inspiration for today’s jewelry trends.

The Rhinestone Shop also carries buttons and slides which are commonly used in rhinestone jewelry. Many fashion forward designers use the premade shapes and build around the existing design to make something unique and extravagant.

Now don’t forget special occasion jewelry. We would all love to wear big diamonds and pearls for that wedding, ball or holiday party but who can afford to spend thousands on fine jewelry only to be worn a handful of times??? Rhinestone jewelry sets allow you to get the look you want at the price you can afford.

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