5 Things to Enhance Mother’s Day With Rhinestones

We hope you’re having a fantastic spring. The weather is finally warmer and the flowers are starting to bloom. Springtime also means the arrival of a very popular gift-giving holiday: Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to pull out all of your favorite rhinestones and make a gift Mom is sure to love. If it’s not clear by now, we love taking advantage of every opportunity to add some bling to your life. If you’re stuck on what to do for Mom for Mother’s Day, take a look at some of our fun project ideas. So get out your favorite rhinestones, glue, and applicators, and let’s get to work!


One of the great things about Mother’s Day is your color choices are only limited by your imagination. Really, choose what coordinates best with your project or go with some of your mother’s favorite colors.

Customized Candle Holders

Candles make for lovely gifts. Depending on your budget, you may want to splurge on a high-end candle, like a scented candle or high quality beeswax. The candle holder is just as important. Candle Holders come in as many patterns, textures, and styles as you can imagine, and you can take that base design and run with it! Adding rhinestones to a candlestick or candle holder will turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Rhinestones obviously have a natural sparkle, and the gentle light from a lit candle will enhance the effect.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to permanently alter a candle holder, you could create rhinestone-studded ribbons to tie around the candle holder. Choose your ribbon and rhinestone colors carefully, and try to coordinate with the colors in your candle holder. No matter which approach you take, you’ll leave Mom with a cute, sparkling keepsake that she can use all year.

A Picture Frame with Pizazz

One of our favorite gift ideas for mom is to find a great photo (or photos) from your family albums and display in a beautiful picture frame. In fact, you can find a great selection of picture frames at different price points at many big box stores. If you’re planning a rhinestone project, it’s better to find frames that have flat surfaces for adhering flat-backed rhinestones. We’ve seen some great single and multi-photo frames that would be the perfect platform for some of those beautiful family photos. Choose photos that you think might make her laugh or smile or that you associate with a special memory.

A plain photo frame allows you to use special rhinestone shapes. You could create a mosaic effect or even create a floral print using a combination of round and navette, pear, or oval shapes. You could also simply cover the whole frame with small classic rhinestones. If your frame already has a pattern on it, use rhinestones to accent the design. Instant keepsake!

Bling Travel Case

Is your mother the type of woman who travels a lot? Give her the gift of something that’s functional as well as beautiful. Invest in a travel case that can help you organize electronics, chargers, toiletries, and more. If she’s that type of person who likes to keep everything neat and organized, she’ll definitely appreciate anew travel tote.

But where are the rhinestones? Transform a boring piece of travel equipment into a luxury accessory that’s full of bling and personality. Use the travel case as a blank slate for a favorite design or favorite colors. For the ultimate in personalization, you can add her monogrammed initials to the travel case. Not only is it beautiful, but it makes it easier to identify in case it gets misplaced. As an added travel bonus, you could even add rhinestones to her luggage tags—it becomes a super easy way to add something pretty to your travel gear while also making it easy to identify in baggage claim.

A Sparkling Planter

Does your mother have a green thumb? Many people like to give Mom flowers for Mother’s Day. In fact, flowers are one of the top gifts. If your mom is the type who like to garden, why not give a live plant instead? That way, she can enjoy it year round. Succulents are quirky, interesting, and easy to care for, and other indoor plants are beautiful as well. Choose your plant and then find a decorative ceramic planter for it.

Once you have your desired ceramic planter you can start to jazz it up with rhinestones. Use color that play off of the plant, or go totally green with the whole planter. You can use your imagination to create different patterns, or you can create a beautiful vine and leaf motif suing a combination of rhinestone shapes. Either way, you’re giving Mom a unique gift that she can continue to enjoy long after May has passed.

Glam Makeup

Is your mom a makeup fiend? One way to gift the mother who loves makeup is to invest in a new set of makeup brushes for her. If you want to get her something special, there are many high-end or natural makeup brushes to choose from that would make for a lovely gift.

For our sparkling purpose, you can stud the makeup brushes with small rhinestones, which will turn the ordinary act of applying makeup into a dazzling affair that will make her feel like a million bucks. For an even more complete package, give her the makeup brushes in a makeup case that should also have some bling on it. Like with the travel case, a makeup bag offers a lot of possibilities, including monogram lettering and mosaic patterns. Create a flower motif or simply accent the makeup case to match the pattern on the bag. Either way, if mom is they type who loves all things sparkly and girly, she’ll love the additions to her makeup collection.

We hope you and your mom have a great Mother’s Day! She’s one of the most important people in your life, and she deserves a great gift. It’s even more special because you’ve personalized it! Stay tuned for more great rhinestone-inspired ideas!

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