DIY Rhinestone Tumbler Tutorial

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Preparing the Tumbler

Before starting your bedazzling project, be sure to prepare thoroughly by sanding the tumbler until it is perfectly smooth. You’ll want to sand down the entire surface of the tumbler until it’s smooth as glass. Don’t forget those hard-to-reach spots – no one likes a half-baked job. Once you’re done with that, give the whole thing a once over with a dry cloth to make sure all the dust and debris is gone. Finally, apply some glue so everything will stay put when you add all your bling.

Take your time and do it right the first time – otherwise, you may be sorry later. A little extra effort now will pay off in the long run when people see how amazing your finished product looks. Don’t settle for less – put in the extra effort if needed; there’s no substitute for superior workmanship.

Once the tumbler is prepped, it’s time to pick out your rhinestones and glue for application. With a few simple tools you can easily customize your tumbler with sparkling aquamarine AB SS20s (5mm) using a precision tip glue bottle.

Choosing Your Rhinestones and Glue

Choosing the right rhinestones and glue is key to creating a show-stopping tumbler. Start by selecting high-quality glass rhinestones in a variety of sizes and colors that will make your design pop. You can go all out with bold hues or opt for subtle sparkles – it’s up to you.

When it comes to glue, Fusion Tack Adhesive is an excellent option if you’re just starting out. It goes on white but dries clear, making it easy to work with without leaving behind any unsightly residue. For tougher tasks, Super Tight Multi-Grab 360 provides a secure bond that won’t fail you – but if you’re just starting out, Fusion Tack Adhesive is an ideal choice for its easy application and clear drying. If you need something stronger, try Super Tight Multi-Grab 360 instead; its powerful bond won’t let you down.

Once your supplies are sorted, get ready to begin. With the right tools at hand, crafting a blingy masterpiece has never been easier. So put on some tunes and get creative – before long your one-of-a kind tumbler will be turning heads left and right.

Once you have selected your desired rhinestones and glue, it’s time to start applying them in a honeycomb pattern.

Applying Rhinestones in Honeycomb Pattern

For an extra sparkle, the honeycomb pattern is a great way to embellish your tumbler. Rhinestones are like icing on the cake – they take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. Though their size may be deceiving, to create an optimal design it is necessary to be exact and take your time.

Start by laying down adhesive around the rim of your cup so that each rhinestone has something to stick onto. Slowly and carefully, affix each rhinestone one by one close to its neighbours, making sure that they are flush with the cup’s surface. It’s important not to rush through this part or else your lines won’t be straight; instead, take your time between rows until all stones have been applied properly in an even pattern.

Congratulate yourself for a job well done once the work is complete – you’ve put in much effort and attention to detail. You can now admire how much more vibrant and eye-catching your tumbler looks thanks to those tiny little stones that add just enough sparkle without being too overwhelming or over-the-top. So go ahead and show off what you’ve made; no doubt everyone will be impressed with how fancy it looks.

Applying rhinestones in a honeycomb pattern is an easy and creative way to give any tumbler some extra flair. To finish the project, you can add additional embellishments or seal your design with epoxy resin for lasting protection.

Finishing Touches

Having completed the challenging task of making your honeycomb tumbler, it’s time to give it that extra something with some decorative touches. Let the glue dry for a few hours before touching it – no one wants a sticky surprise. Once everything is set and done, you can go wild with embellishments like rhinestones or epoxy resin. Just make sure not to get carried away, sometimes less is more.

When applying the epoxy resin, take your time and don’t rush through it. It’s important to be patient and methodical so that you get an even coating across the entire surface area. This will help ensure a smooth finish without any lumps or bumps – nobody likes lumpy tumblers. You’ll also want to give yourself plenty of breathing room by working in well-ventilated areas as some resins may contain hazardous fumes.

Don’t forget about safety either – wear protective gear such as gloves and glasses when handling chemicals like epoxy resin just in case something goes wrong during application. The last thing anyone wants is for their DIY project to end in disaster because they weren’t prepared for potential hazards.

After adding all of your desired finishes, let everything sit overnight so that it has enough time to properly cure before using it again. And there you have it: A beautiful honeycomb tumbler ready for sipping on summer days or winter ones too.

FAQs in Relation to Rhinestone Tumbler Tutorial

How do you put rhinestones on a tumblers?

To attach rhinestones to a tumbler, you’ll need some tools. First, gather your supplies: tweezers, glue or adhesive tape, and the desired rhinestones. Clean the tumbler’s surface with rubbing alcohol to ensure it is free from dirt and oil before applying adhesive or glue. Next, use either glue or adhesive tape on the back of each stone before carefully placing them in position using tweezers. Once all stones are placed onto the tumbler’s surface press down firmly for several seconds until they are securely attached. Allow time for drying before using your new decorated tumbler.

What do I need to make rhinestone tumblers?

For a successful rhinestone tumbler project, you’ll need epoxy resin, an adhesive such as E6000 glue or hotfix glue, tweezers for precision placement of the stones onto the surface and protective gloves and eyewear; additionally, it is beneficial to have a craft mat with gridlines. These include epoxy resin, a cup or mug to apply the stones to, an adhesive such as E6000 glue or hotfix glue, rhinestones in various sizes and colors (or alternatively flatback crystals), tweezers for precision placement of the stones onto the surface, and protective gloves and eyewear. Additionally, it is helpful to have some kind of craft mat with gridlines that can be used as a guide when placing your stones on the tumbler. With all these supplies ready at hand you should be able to create beautiful custom designs for your unique rhinestone tumblers.

What rhinestones to use on tumblers?

When selecting rhinestones for tumblers, it’s essential to contemplate the adhesive you’ll be using. For example, hot fix stones are typically best when using a heat gun or iron as they have an already applied glue backing. If you plan to use craft glue then flat back stones may work better due to their flat surface which allows them to adhere more easily and securely than other types of rhinestones. Additionally, if you want your tumbler design to last longer then opt for high quality crystals with superior cut and clarity over cheaper options.

How many rhinestones does it take to cover a tumbler?

The amount of rhinestones needed to adorn a tumbler varies, based on the size and contour of both the cup itself as well as each individual sparkle. Generally speaking, you should plan on using several hundred rhinestones for larger projects like covering a tumbler. For smaller projects such as adding accents or embellishments to clothing, fewer stones may be required. Accurately estimating the amount of stones required for a project prior to beginning is essential for successful completion.


Creating a rhinestone tumbler is an easy and fun way to express your creativity. With the right supplies, you can craft a beautiful piece of art that will be admired by all. By following this rhinestone tumbler tutorial, you have taken the first step towards creating something truly unique and special. Now go out there and show off your new masterpiece with pride.

Let us help you add a sparkle to your wardrobe or craft project with our selection of rhinestones. Follow the tutorial for an easy guide on how to make beautiful and unique tumblers using these gems!

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