Mastering Flat Back Rhinestone Application

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Supplies Needed for Applying Flat Back Rhinestones

You can’t go wrong with the classic flat back crystals when it comes to adding a little sparkle to your project. Whether you’re blinging out a t-shirt or jazzing up some shoes, this duo is sure to get the job done right. Boasting a vast array of shades and dimensions, you can craft whatever aesthetic you desire. Before beginning, ensure that you have all the necessary supplies at hand. You’ll need E6000 glue for shoes or tumblers and Aileens Jewel It for garments. Don’t forget about those flat back crystals either – pick out whichever ones fit your vision best. With these materials on hand, you’ll be ready to turn any ordinary item into something extraordinary in no time at all.

Having the right supplies for applying flat back rhinestones is essential in order to achieve a professional look. Next, it’s important to prepare the surface before beginning application.

Preparing the Surface for Rhinestone Application

Before you can start bedazzling your project, you need to make sure the surface is squeaky clean. It’s like starting with a blank canvas: if it’s not pristine, your masterpiece won’t turn out right. Give it a good scrub-down with some rubbing alcohol or soap and water – don’t skimp on this step. Once everything is dry as a bone, you’re ready to get creative.

Verify the texture of your substrate is not overly slick; otherwise, those gems may slide off. If needed, give it a light sanding for extra grip. Think of this part like adding texture to an outfit – without it, things just look flat and boring. Make sure there are no dust particles left after sanding by wiping down with a damp cloth before applying any adhesive.

When working with fabric surfaces such as clothing or accessories, use an appropriate adhesive designed specifically for fabrics so that your design stays put even through multiple washes and wears. For non-fabric surfaces such as glass or metal objects, choose an adhesive made for those materials instead – regular glue won’t cut it here. Just remember when dealing with adhesives in general (especially strong ones), take all necessary safety precautions such as wearing gloves and having adequate ventilation while working in order to avoid any unwanted fumes or messes down the line.

Finally, let the adhesive set completely before attempting to add any rhinestones onto your project; rushing this step could lead to disaster. So take your time at every stage of preparation – from cleaning up dirt and debris all the way through setting the perfect amount of stickiness – and soon enough you’ll have something worthy of being called “blinged out”.

Proper preparation of the surface is essential for successful rhinestone application. Next, we will discuss how to apply flat back rhinestones with two different glues.

Key Takeaway: Clean the surface thoroughly and lightly sand if needed for extra grip before applying an appropriate adhesive specific to fabric or non-fabric materials. Take all necessary safety precautions while setting the adhesive completely, so you can ‘bling out’ your project without any disasters.

Applying Flat Back Rhinestones

Flat back rhinestones can bring a touch of shimmer and flair to any craft or endeavor. Whether you’re sprucing up a pair of shoes or adding a bit of bling to your wedding DIYs, flat backs are the perfect choice for adding an extra special touch. Applying them is simple – all you need is some glue and steady hands.

For fabric surfaces like clothes or accessories, Aleene’s Jewel It works best. This adhesive is specially formulated for use with fabrics and won’t damage delicate materials like sequins or beads. Apply a coating of the adhesive to where you desire your gemstone, then firmly press it down until it’s secure.

For non-porous materials such as plastic or metal, opt for E6000 glue which is more robust and resilient than other adhesives. Apply a small amount directly onto the backside of each stone before pressing them into place one by one – just make sure not to get any on the front side.

Whether you’re looking for something subtle or something that really stands out from afar, flat back rhinestones can give any project an eye-catching finish in no time at all – so why not give it a shot? Just remember take your time when applying them and keep your cool; otherwise you might find yourself in quite “a pickle”.

Applying flat back rhinestones is a great way to add sparkle and pizzazz to any craft project. With the right tips, you can place them perfectly every time.

Tips for Placing Flat Back Rhinestones Perfectly

For a glitzy finish, flat back rhinestones are the ideal choice. Placing them perfectly can be tricky but with a few tips and tricks, you’ll have your piece sparkling in no time.

First off, make sure you use glue that’s not too wet or too dry – it should be slightly tacky so that it won’t run all over the place when picking up stones. A helpful technique is to take a pencil and submerge it in the adhesive, letting it rest until its consistency reaches an appropriate level of tackiness.

Next, get yourself an applicator tool like tweezers or even chopsticks. These will help pick up individual stones without smudging any of your hard work. It’s also important to remember that practice makes perfect; don’t expect perfection right away. Persist in your efforts and persevere until you have accomplished the desired outcome.

If things don’t go as anticipated, remain calm and consider the potential of a better outcome. Sometimes mistakes can lead to unexpected results which may actually look better than what was originally intended. Be daring, enjoy yourself; why not sprinkle in some glitter for a bit of pizzazz?

With the right technique and a little bit of patience, you can achieve perfect flat back rhinestone placement. For best results when it comes to drying and curing your project, make sure that glue has completely dried before contact with water is made.

Drying and Curing Flat Back Rhinestones

Allow your rhinestones adequate time to dry and cure, just as you would for a second coat of paint. Allowing the first layer to set is vital for a successful result, just like with painting – if you don’t wait long enough, your efforts will be in vain.

When it comes to flat back rhinestones, let them sit for at least 24 hours before using or wearing them. This gives the adhesive plenty of time to set up shop and get comfortable in its new home so that it can do its job properly and keep those stones firmly in place.

Once they’re good and ready, put on your best duds (or whatever else you plan on adorning with sparkly gems) because these babies are gonna stay put. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they’ll never come off – just that they won’t fall off easily or without effort from external forces. So take a breather after finishing up an applique project; have patience when dealing with delicate materials; and above all else: make sure those rhinestones are nice and dry before putting them into action.

It is important to let the glue dry completely and avoid contact with water when applying flat back rhinestones, as this will ensure that your project lasts for a long time. Now, let’s explore the benefits of using flat back rhinestones on DIY projects.

FAQs in Relation to Flat Back Rhinestone Application

How do you attach flat back rhinestones to fabric?

To attach flat back rhinestones to fabric, you will need a few supplies. Start by gathering the stones, fabric, and adhesive. Place the stone on the desired spot of your garment or project and apply pressure until it sticks firmly in place. To secure it even more securely, use an adhesive such as glue dots or E6000 craft glue. Allow the glue to dry completely before wearing or using your item with rhinestones attached.

What does flat back rhinestones mean?

Flat back rhinestones are a type of crystal decoration used for clothing, styling, and arts and crafts. They have a flat base on the reverse side that can be glued to any surface with adhesive or heat-sealed in place. The front side is typically faceted like traditional gemstones for added sparkle and shine. Flat back rhinestones come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes so they can be customized to fit any design project perfectly.

Are hotfix or flatback rhinestones better?

It depends on the desired application. Hotfix rhinestones are better for clothing, as they have a heat-activated adhesive backing that allows them to be easily applied with an iron or hotfix applicator tool. Flatback rhinestones are better suited for styling and arts and crafts projects, as they can be glued onto surfaces without the need of additional tools or adhesives. Both types of rhinestones come in various sizes, colors, shapes and finishes so it is important to select the right one depending on your project’s needs.


Flat back rhinestones are an excellent choice for any DIY project, providing a unique and eye-catching look. With the right supplies and techniques, you can easily apply flat back rhinestones to clothing or other surfaces with great results. By following these tips on flat back rhinestone application, your projects will have a professional finish that is sure to impress.

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